A trip down memory lane: my best photos of 2017

December 30, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So it’s almost the end of the year already! I recall thinking in the summer how 2017 was half finished, now it’ll be finished in 2 days! I usually never publish photography posts, but I seldom do like to post them, for fun. In this one I will showcase my top 11 photos taken this year, in chronological order.

The photo above (and the next 5 pictures) were taken in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. I went to Sandy Hook a couple months ago. I had just gotten my camera then, and I was just trying to get the hang of it, as I had never had a professional camera before. Oh – and all of these photos were taken with the Canon Rebel EOS SL1.



sandy hook beach trip

Fun fact: I’m actually in a photography club in my town and what we do there is projects. For example if there is a beach photo project, I would probably use one of these beach photos I took to submit for that project. I’m really loving the club so far!

sandy hook beach trip

waves crashing

fall orange leaves

fall red berries

In the photos above and below, I took them for a project called “The Colors of Autumn”

flowers in the fall

flatiron building new york

This was the time I went to The Flatiron building in NYC. I have always wondered what was in the unique triangular building. On the first level I saw a Sprint store, a cafe (but basically selling just hot teas), and this bath & body store.

This was the same spot where I shot the berries above! It snowed earlier this month and I took the opportunity to snap some snow resting on top of them.


And those were my best photos of 2017! I really want to experiment more with my camera and take lots more photos next year!

Also I wish you all a happy new year and a great 2018!

my best photos


2017 favorites

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    1. Oh no! Sorry, did you maybe have a bad internet connection, or did you try reloading the page? Have a happy new year!

  1. Happy New Year to you Jo, I’ll be celebrating it before you. Photography Clubs are a great idea. I’m a member of one myself, nothing serious, Just a group of mixed skills photographers who are willing to help each other out.

    1. Happy new year! The one I’m in is a little more serious, there are times we need to meet, and if we don’t attend two times without telling our instructor in advance, you’re out lol. The club’s on a hiatus now, but we’ll continue in the spring again.

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