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My Key is a lot more Beautiful

November 8, 2015

Hello WordPress folks! I’m back here today with step-by-step instructions on how to DIY your key!

   You always return to your house with your same housekey EVERY SINGLE TIME. You ponder and ponder on what to do about it. Ding! A brilliant idea comes to your mind. Why not customize your own housekey? 

1: Today I actually had the time to DIY my housekey and make it all pretty. Ok first:

Get out all your necessary supplies you’ll need for the making. The supplies you’ll need are

– Acrylic paint (colors of your choice)

– A small key you own

– Paintbrush (I highly suggest a fanbrush if you’re painting the entire top of your key and a skinny-tipped brush for polka dots)

– A newspaper for catching all the paint that falls off your key

2:  If you are going to use water (which can get a little bit messy) , then use a little jar and fill it about 1/8 with clean water. The water will be used for wetting the brush(s) before the project and during it.


3: Do not use a lot of paint for this project. Only use a single dot to paint. Remember, you’re painting a key, not a portrait.

4: Remember to wrap tape (clear or not clear) around the key where it’s used for putting in the keyhole for the door. This is crucial because if you paint that part, your key is highly not to work.

Dip your paintbrush in the water (if you choose to use water for this project) or dip your paintbrush into the paint and lightly graze the first side of your key. Don’t use too much water because the paint won’t dry fast on the key’s surface. Now let that area dry for about a minute, and flip to the other side and do the same instructions.

5: If you’re doing more than just one coat of paint, (which is better if you’re a complex person) then follow instruction 4 again (except for the “wrap the key” part) When you’re finished with that, wait about 15 minutes for your project to completely dry, then put it back on your key chain.

Well, this is my turnout for my DIY Key painting project.

I don’t know about you, but I seriously love it. Hope you like your turnout!

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