My New Bamboo Plant

August 23, 2015

I just got this new bamboo plant 2 days ago:

It has 3 stalks. I have to water it until the water is above the rocks (I just can’t believe potted bamboo plants don’t grow on soil!) If you also have a bamboo feng shui plant, put it indoors facing southeast or east. For better luck. I had to do some research and I figured out the quantity of stalks means different things.

2- Love and romance ♥️

3- Happiness😄 (yay!)

4- Don’t take one with 4 stalks and don’t give someone with 4 stalks because it means a death wish. It is seldom used and given in Chinese Culture

5- Good Health

6- Grow, florish, or thrive. Also means great fertility 💵

7- Good health (like with 5 stalks)

8- Wealth and Abundance💵

9- Good Fortune 👍🏽

10- The feeling of being complete. The sender wants you to have everything you wish and yearn

21- Great health, wealth, and blessing to you and and your family

    Bamboo feng shui plants are different and special. I recommend getting one of the plants I listed above ⬆️ (except for the 4 stalk!)

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