Festival/Flee Market

NJ Park Day

October 6, 2015

I went to the NJ Park Festival about 2 months ago. I had such a great time.

And… we’re off!

It’s going to be hard to take a bite out of this one

So many people!

Pepsi sponsor 
I saw such a variety of balloons!! You can more information in my Pinterest board for traveling

First, I got cotton candy for $5. Even I still want pink cotton. Next, I took some free samples of Lipton Sparkling Ice Tea. After, I shopped a little. I got one of those mini hot air balloons. First I was thinking, these balloons are so expensive!! Really, $10 each?? Then I thought that they were way too cute. So I bought one for $9.99. The seller and I made a deal of taking off a cent 😒 . Last, I went to see the balloons rising to the sky. As I said, all of the photos I took are in my Pinterest board for travel. The link is right above the paragrpaph ⬆️.

The first one up was the Pepsi one. Then Lucky Charms, and ones with really cool designs. I hope to go there again. 🎈

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