What are you good at?

Yeah, what are you good at? Telling the best scary story? Sewing the best socks? Identifying computer viruses? I’ll tell you what I’m good at: – Knowing my way around Pinterest – Snapping great photos – Sewing back in a hole in fabric – Writing this blog (bragging rights) – Solving difficult math problems – […]

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Advisories | Social Media


Swish! You just tweeted to Tropicana on Twitter that you love their juice. Did I mention Twitter? Yes,Twitter. A microblogging form of social media that many people are on for many different reasons. Twitter is great for a lot of reasons: – 140 character posts that help you get to the point – Follow your […]

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Activities | Plants

Chant for Plants!

    Imagine, you’re in your own garden. You are watering your plants and planting new ones. It’s one word: plants. They’re essential to our environment and life on Earth. I love plants because of these reasons: – Emits oxygen from CO2 (carbon dioxide), which help our planet A LOT – A lot of plants […]

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Comparing | Questions

WordPress vs. Squarespace

Are you a blogger? Well I am, obviously. And since I care about what my blog looks like, I care about which website I use. I like WordPress, but some options are limited. Some templates cost money. I want my site to look the way I want. And I’m not so good with codes. I just download […]

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Activities | Advisories

Water, also known as H20

Drip! Drip! Those are the water droplets you hear outside your window.  Yes, it rains sometimes in NJ depending on the season. In summer, it rains about 1-4 a week. It just rained now, on again, off again. Since I live on a high floor, I can collect rainwater easily with kitchen utensils. I highly […]

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Advisories | Other

Tab ,too!

Slurp! You just drank the water you have for today. This is how children live in Africa. They live in poverty and no public education. They don’t even have enough food ,too . Don’t you feel sorry for them? Well if you do, you can participate in this wonderful charity that helps those poor kids. It […]

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Other | Travel

The Beach Day

Crash! Sploosh! Yeah, it’s the crashing waves of the NJ Beach. I went to the beach yesterday and it was fun. Those are the crashing waves. Eventually we had to move our stuff due to high tide 😒, but I could still see the waves! Emergency steps I built in case people have to get […]

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Food and Drink

New Smoothie Flavor

Do you want to create a new smoothie flavor? If you would, then what would the flavor be? How would you make it? Well, I’m in the mood for that today. So, my new smoothie flavor would be mint raspberry-strawberry blast. Such a shame they didn’t make that a flavor yet…. Here is how you […]

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Advisories | Social Media

Pick Pocket!

Click! You just saved your first website onto Pocket. Why did you get it again, exactly? Here, I’ll remind you: – You get to register for free – Sign up doen’t take long – Save videos and pictures ,too other than websites – As they say,”Read it for later” – Read anytime, from any of […]

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Photography, it’s an art

Smile! Cheese! Your photo is being taken! Remember on school picture day when you probably sneezed or blinked because of the flash? Well, that’s called photography. My photography definition: photos or pictures being taken on a camera or a phone with a camera which is sometimes edited to embrace its beauty There are some photography apps […]

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