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The Beach Day

Crash! Sploosh! Yeah, it’s the crashing waves of the NJ Beach. I went to the beach yesterday and it was fun. Those are the crashing waves. Eventually we had to move our stuff due to high tide 😒, but I could still see the waves! Emergency steps I built in case people have to get […]

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Food and Drink

New Smoothie Flavor

Do you want to create a new smoothie flavor? If you would, then what would the flavor be? How would you make it? Well, I’m in the mood for that today. So, my new smoothie flavor would be mint raspberry-strawberry blast. Such a shame they didn’t make that a flavor yet…. Here is how you […]

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Advisories | Social Media

Pick Pocket!

Click! You just saved your first website onto Pocket. Why did you get it again, exactly? Here, I’ll remind you: – You get to register for free – Sign up doen’t take long – Save videos and pictures ,too other than websites – As they say,”Read it for later” – Read anytime, from any of […]

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Photography, it’s an art

Smile! Cheese! Your photo is being taken! Remember on school picture day when you probably sneezed or blinked because of the flash? Well, that’s called photography. My photography definition: photos or pictures being taken on a camera or a phone with a camera which is sometimes edited to embrace its beauty There are some photography apps […]

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My Blog

    Hello fellow viewers and bloggers, sorry I have not been blogging for the past week, I have been busy. And also from September-June I will be blogging twice a week. On Saturdays and Sundays. I will start blogging again, about every second day. My computer was broken and it had to get repaired. […]

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Cloud Coverage

       BOOM! That was a thunder clap! What caused it? Clouds of course! There are many different types of clouds that sometimes say obvious signs and sometimes say not so obvious signs. Stratocumulus Clouds Low, lumpy clouds. He looks more threatening than he is; probably won’t bring rain Cirrostratus Clouds These guys consist […]

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Advisories | Travel

Top 10 Best Travel Places

Booking a vacation? Here are the 10 best travel places: 10- Rome It’s great if you want to walk 9 Bahamas Islands It’s a vacation everywhere, even if you want to lie down on the beach all day 8- Bora Bora Although it’s slowly being eroded away, it’s still a great vacation spot 7- Galway, […]

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Advisories | Sewing

Sew What?

Sewing. You might think it’s boring and hard, but sew what? But just in case, here are the basics: When you have a hole in fabric or in clothing, and you don’t know how to sew it in, you came to the right place to know the basics. 1- Grab the supplies. You would need […]

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Food and Drink | Questions

Dinner or DIY?

Yeah, it’s a Friday night and you’re with your kids, mate, or family. You’re deciding- go out to dinner, or DIY for the dinner. I’ve been out to dinner a couple a times, give or take a few. Well, here are some excellent restaurants and diners to go to: – Friday’s, a great diner to […]

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Bicycle | Questions

Is Cycling for Me?

What kind of rider are you? A motorcycle, car, van, or a bicycle? I love to ride my bicycle about 3-4 times a week. It’s really fun! Why is cycling better than driving a car? – No pollution – Free parking – No traffic – Free exercise – Bicycles come in many different colors to […]

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