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Paintings, in the sky

August 26, 2015

Someone clearly painted the sky lately.


Yeah, someone took a paintbrush and painted the sky with white.


There’s a mini rainbow reflected on the painting. I have no idea who painted it, but it’s really pretty.


Those stripes in the middle, that person was trying to do zebra stripes. There are a few mistakes. They dropped some paint.

I rarely get to see gorgeous clouds like these. Usually, towards nighttime, there are pretty much no clouds in the sky. Just moonlight. The first two clouds were cirrus clouds. The last one in the middle, I really have no idea. I don’t think people name these clouds because they don’t appear so often. I think that clouds should be named Stripus. I combo of stripes and slices of cirrus clouds. I hope other people can see these unique clouds 🙂 .

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