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Really, humans?

January 15, 2016

This is not a sponsored post. I just care about the Earth. 



“Oo-oo-ah-ah!”  Which in our monkey language means: Heidi, are you there? Heidi is my best friend monkey, and we like to play a lot together. “Heidi, you still there?” “Ooo-oo-ah!” Ah, there she is.

Heidi and me. 


“Heidi, where were you? I was searching everywhere for you!!” “O-ah-o!” Translation: ” I got lost again. You know how we just moved here.” “I know, but at least hollar to me more often!” “Hey, look at that tree,” she said when she interrupted me. “Hey, yeah, it looks like a good one to climb.” “Come on, let’s go”


Then it happened.

We heard something in the distance, something we couldn’t quite contemplate. It sounded familiar, like something in the distance, but not too far away. It sounded like a screeching noise. But then, I realized what it was.

Our forest is being taken down.




I could feel the screeching sounds digging into my skin, my ears popping, my brain stopping. It felt like the most important sound in the world. Heidi and I went to check out the damage of our forest. As we approached the remains, the animals started to shoo us away from the fallen tree. The animals kind of looked like Heidi and me, though. Heidi motioned me to run away, but I stayed.  I tried to take a long look at what this animals are doing to our forest. This is our forest, not theirs. I felt something I haven’t ever felt before. Not the feeling where Mon (the bully) kept stealing my food and fighting for it, but another one. I planned to attack them.


“OOO-AHHH!!” I was in position, ready to attack, when, just a second before hitting the animal’s face, Heidi jumped in front of me, and fighting with me to get away from the animal. She wrestled me to the ground, (she is a way better fighter than me!) giving me the message to go back to our spot. I’ll never forget that day.


Really, humans?



I wrote this post on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund and Stand for Trees.  I care a lot for the Earth and the animals that live on this planet ,too.  Please visit my Gravatar Page for more websites to donate. Thanks for caring and reading this post to see how a monkey’s life in Asia is like. 



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