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Awesome songs I’ve discovered lately

July 25, 2018

**I am taking a blogging hiatus from now ~ August 20th. Thanks for your patience and consideration**

Hey Inquisitive writers! So today I’d like to share some songs that I’ve discovered either a few months ago or a few days ago, which I think are amazing. Also, just because I discovered these songs recently doesn’t mean they were released this year.


1. “Thumbs” by Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter always releases really good songs! This song shows “the way of the world” (how society functions) and people “twiddlin’ them thumbs” (people on their phones constantly) “Don’t be like everyone else” the song voices. The lyrics are deep and the song has a catchy beat.



2. “Doubt” by Twentyonepilots

“Don’t forget ab-b-b-b-bout me” man that’s so catchy! The song has kind of an electronic feel to it, and it’s stuck in my head, but I’m ok with it. This can kind of mask the dark lyrics of the song.


3. “Renegade” by Paramore

I cannot express how much I love this song. It’s a pop puck/rock song, and like the Twentyonepilot’s song above, Paramore make the sound of the song happier than the lyrics are. “I’m a renegade, it’s in my blood.” I mean you have to listen to the song to understand or I’m just biased and love every song that Paramore releases.


4. “Have it all” by Jason Mraz

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s such a sweet, innocent tune that was actually released this year. I can tell you that I never hear this type of music anymore on current radio. It has a very 2010-pop vibe to it. Also, it sounds so much like Jason Mraz’s 2008 hit “I’m Yours” which makes it even better.


5. “Don’t go breaking my heart” by Backstreet Boys

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this on the radio when the screen read “Backstreet Boys” I honestly thought this was an old song of theirs and they were just replaying it. Then I heard it a couple more times. Why are they replaying the same song so much? As I listened to it more, I thought about how it would perfectly fit in today’s array of songs. Then I found out that it was released this year and that they got back together just to write that song. It still sounds like their signature songs, but a hint of 2018 pop song influence to it. Amazing comeback 👏🏽


6. “Bury it” CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

I have to admit, I didn’t like this song at a first listen. Though I started to listen to it more, and it kind of grew on me. I love the Lauren’s and Hayley’s voices together in this track! I think they blend well together. Also, one of the comments on the video stated that this explains After Laughter, Paramore’s recent album with lyrics such as, “I never promised you, anything I couldn’t do. We try to bury it and rise above.”


So those are all of the songs I discovered recently! I hoped you liked listening to them, and if you didn’t, give em’ a listen and tell me your opinion in the comments!

What are some awesome songs you discovered recently? Do you listen to the artists of these songs ↑?

Also if you didn’t see, I am taking a blogging hiatus form tomorrow to about August 20th!!

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