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Saving the Earth

May 6, 2016

 This is a photo challenge from The Daily Post. Instead of doing a just a photo, I did a collage instead! I took these pictures on Friday the 13th (in November,2015) I mean, take about good luck on photos on a bad luck day!
These photos represent Earth’s little surprises for us living on it. It gives us that little hope everyday, that each day will be sunny, and by the way, none of these photos were photoshopped.

Speaking of sunny days, Earth could not live without the sun, for we interpret its energy as heat or light. It makes life exist.

It’s inportant that we take care of our Earth, for if we don’t now, we could be putting future generations in trouble. The ozone layer is escaping, and dangerous UV rays are coming in. I’m sure you know about global warming, the slow process of Earth warming because of green gas house emmissions.

Click on this link to pay small bucks to save acres of trees. Click on this one to go to the World Wildlife Fund. And click on this one to save a forest and learn why forests are so important to Earth. Please please please check out any of these links and become a potential Earth-saver and lover. Thanks for reading this post. It shows you’re willing to save a tree or an animal for the greater good.

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  1. Lovely pictures Jo, and thank you for the charity links! In case you didn’t know, you can get a portion of your money donated to a charity of your choice every time you order something off of Amazon by going to, instead of just

    I have my charity of choice set to the World Wildlife Fund!

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