August 22, 2016

Hey Inquisitive Travelers! I am back with another travel post on my vacation to Europe. Missed the first post? Check it out here.

Boarding Swiss Airlines, and going to Belgrade, Serbia.
An aerial view of Belgrade, and the separation of the two rivers.

Ok, so after we left Austria, we planned to stay in Belgrade, Serbia, which is the capital.The big reasons we were going to Serbia were to 1) visit relatives and 2) just travel in general and explore.

Belgrade has different sides to it. There’s Old Belgrade (very much like the picture above) and New Belgrade. Old Belgrade has old buildings from centuries ago. Old Belgrade really likes to show off its age, because Serbia has been through many ages and times. But, I really like New Belgrade better. It’s just my personal taste.

One of the highlights of going to Belgrade is going downtown, my favorite part of the city.


The shop to the left is a Belgrade- and Serbian-themed shop. We actually went there, and #boughttoomuchstuff
Inside the Belgrade-themed shop.



Musicians playing in downtown!
These streets offer many opportunities to spend cash on paintings, iced-cream, souvenirs, photographs of the city, and much more.
One of those painting is hanging on my wall currently…I couldn’t resist (DON’T ask me about the price..💸 )
Sipping my freshly-squeezed OJ.
Slow down there!


You can take a short bus ride from some parts of Old Belgrade, or you can take a trolley ride. But trolleys aren’t accessed from every part of Belgrade, but if you can take a trolley, take it. It’s a smooth, comfortable ride with no gas emissions, because everything is electrical.

Everywhere is a walking area, which I love. There are many shops to choose from ~ cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shoe shops, sweet shops (like Slatka Kuća ~ sweet house [even though it’s not in downtown Belgrade, I still recommend going there if you are a sugar maniac] ) , and more!

Macaroons! I know they look good, but I tried one and it was a wasted dollar…


Tip: Know some Serbian. The natives will be impressed.

Here are some common Serbian phrases:

Hello/Goodbye – Ćao

How are you? – Kako sí ti?

Good – Dobro   Ok – Onako   Bad – Loś      Yes – Da    No – Ne

I don’t know – Ne znam   I will buy this – Ja ću da kupim ovo

How much does this cost? – Koliko ovo košta?

What is your name?  Kako se zoveš?   I am… – Ja sam…

Have a good meal/day/one – Prijatno!


Tip: Know the general transition from your currency to diners (Serbian currency). It’ll help you a lot when you shop.

The vibe in downtown Belgrade just cheers me up. The vibe is very energetic, in a good way. It kind of refreshes you, like a cold glass of lemonade (which you can get at a nearby café)


This is the International Festival of Folklore in downtown Belgrade. I took these pictures while going out for a meal. I ate at a café restaurant that has tables under the patio umbrellas outside, so you can watch people passing by while having a meal.

Let’s talk about food for a second. Food is a big thing in Serbia! Whenever I think of Serbian food, I instantly think of sarma ,which is stuffed cabbage with pork.




Anyways, we went to a boat restaurant and we ate traditionally Serbian food. Besides sarma, popular ćevapi, freshly-made salads with greens and feta cheese. Also, in almost any type of restaurant in Serbia, you can order Vienna Schnitzel, which is breaded, thin-sliced pork or veal. Serbians got that recipe from their Austrian neighbors, who knows how many centuries ago! You can also order freshly-caught fish that they grill on that boat. 

It’s not just the humans that are having a ball here!

In summary, the best places to visit in Belgrade are Skadarlija, the bojemian part of downtown, Ada Ciganlija, the city beach on the lake, Kalemegdan Park (the biggest park in the city), board walks on the Sava and Danube Rivers, etc.

Serbian Academy of Science.
Ada Ciganlija

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