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July 15, 2015

Are you a tech savvy person? Are you thinking about downloading social media? Well, it depends what your interests are. Here are some apps:

 Facebook. Ok, now pretty much everyone is on Facebook but if you’re interested…

– A place where you like and comment posts

– Over 1.19+ billion active users monthly

– Largest social network (obviously)

– For adult ONLY

– Brands on Facebook investing in social media

– A post “survives” for 90 minutes

– Facebook has a new assistant called MoneyPenny. It is related to Apple Siri, but is used for shopping purposes

 Twitter. Tweet-Tweet! Twitter is likewise to Facebook but has some differences.

– Post 140 character “tweets”

– Each tweet is active for about 26 minutes then “dies”

– Many brands are on it, including Hello Kitty

– Can “favorite” a post or like a post

– Many people try to do crazy things and “earn” followers

– Can be a little addictive with the tweets

– Post pictures

 Instagram. As we all know, Instagram is popular ,too. Just like Facebook

– Facebook owned company, so you can invite Facebook friends as an advantage

– App for amateur photographers

– Inappropriate, period.

– As Twitter, followers are “important”

– Share photos and 15-second videos

 Pinterest (yay!) It’s different then other social media (and that’s why I’m on it)

– Share photos, GIFs, and sometimes videos

– Can like, comment, and pin posts

– Repin other pins

– Create boards to organize your pins

– Follow people and boards

– Search your favorite topics

– Click on a pin so it can take you back from the site it came from

– Unlike Facebook and Twitter, a pin can be noticeable for three months

– App for photographers, artists, and more!

 Flickr. A company owned by Yahoo! .

– App for photographers

– Before you post a photo, you can edit it

– Don’t like Flickr? Get 500px, an app for serious photographers

– Unlike Pinterest, you get a copyright email sent if you post someone else’s photo without permission

– On the Yahoo! Weather app, there are photos of the location’s weather from Flickr (is anyone took photos of that location)

 Blogging. Although blogging isn’t much of social media, people still see your blog

– Hobby for writers

– Your website can be seen by anyone

– Only for people who have time

 Youtube. The only American app for videos

– Make your own videos and send them to the world

– Put social media buttons to show your viewers what social media you’re on

– Subscribe to channels

– The only way to send videos to Pinterest

– Put a profile picture and backround

 LinkedIn. The business app.

– App to link in your business. That’s why it’s called LinkedIn

– Share business ideas

– Most popular used before and after work

 Google +. Owned by Google

– App for sharing ideas

– Add people to circles is they are or not on Google +

– Post photos and videos

Happy posting :-D!

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