4 Songs That Get Me on a Deeper Level

February 2, 2017

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today I will be writing about songs that I love to listen to, and why I really love them.

“Na na na” by Pentatonix

I’ve discovered this song on Youtube, by simply searching through Pentatonix’s videos. This is an original song by them, as they like to sing other artists’ songs (and they do it well) This song reminds me of spring sunshine, and summer days. The happiest days.


“Somebody that I used to know” by Gotye

The lyrics to this song are very deep! I feel it describes when the happy moments in life are gone, and can’t get them back again.


“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

I blast this on in the car a lot. I feel it describes the good ol’ days, and how they faded away. But even though there a good times behind us, there are great ones ahead of us.

“Eyes Wide Open” by Sabrina Carpenter

This song sounds so ancient and vintage. It has a beautiful message ,too. One of my all-time favorites!

I love listening to these songs sometimes when I’m feeling down, or when I’m feeling great, and want to listen to music 🎶. I definitely recommend checking out these songs!

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  1. I love eyes wide open song so much she is amazing to hear her voice and her songs.Love rebekah kann

  2. I do love Pentatonix original songs and I do agree with you: Na Na Na is such a happy song! I also like eyes wide open by Sabrina and the message. Awesome post! 😄❤️

  3. omg I am so completely agreeing about stressed out – and I like how you’ve interpreted it 🙂 I like how u said there are good times ahead of us – it gives me a new appreciation of the song 🙂 <3 love this post 🙂 <3

  4. I love the pentatonix acapella. I’m amaze with how they did the “evolution of music”- really awesome! 😊 I enjoyed that Gotye’s song for a loooong time too, hehe!
    Try listening to Joshua Radin’s song. I’ve just started discovering his songs and he’s realky good. I shared one of his songs on one of my posts. If you feel like checking youtube, I recommend Paperweight, They Bring Me To You, My my love, Sky, and What If…That’s a lot haha!

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