The 3 Day Quote Challenge Day #1

Hey Inquisitive Writers! This is the first I have been nominated to do a quote challenge! I was nominated by Teen Memoir. Check out her blog, it’s amazing!

The Rules

~ Show the challenge on your blog

~ Thank your nominator

~ Pick a favorite quote, explain what is means and tell your readers why you choose that quote

~ Nominate some people (for every post)

~ Post your challenge once a day for 3 days and include one quote for each post

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I choose this quote because it’s really true. When you are loved by family and friends, that love is real and pure. Everything else in the world can be a lie and can be mistaken. What Leo Tolstoy is trying to say is that you should enjoy the real moments of happiness and love, for it is the only thing that is genuine in today’s world.

I nominate…




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  3. Just to let you know, I’ve picked out my quotes and will be doing this challenge next week😋

  4. Beautiful quote!

    1. Thanks!

      1. Ur welcome

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