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The Beach Day

August 9, 2015

Crash! Sploosh! Yeah, it’s the crashing waves of the NJ Beach. I went to the beach yesterday and it was fun.

Those are the crashing waves. Eventually we had to move our stuff due to high tide πŸ˜’, but I could still see the waves!

Emergency steps I built in case people have to get up quickly. It actually worked until the hight tide came in. It ruined everything!

This is a cool little ship playground on the beach. It seems really fun to play in.

This is rush hour -the worst hour- when people hurry to get to the beach.

I’m eating lunch when this seagull is stalking me. It might not seem like that in the photo, but after it got closer. Trying to take my food.

I (and my family) literally spent the whole day at the beach. I really got a tan afterwards. Click onΒ this linkΒ to see more places I’ve been and more photos of my trip. Whoosh! Crash! Huh, I can still hear the waves.

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