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The storm is passing

October 4, 2015

       Did you know that there is a hurricane down south? Well since I live in NJ, the whole state is getting remains of the storm. Or was it?

Surprisingly, Aruba is getting remains ,too. Good thing I went there before the storm. This photo above was just taken minutes ago by my phone. Just about 8 hours ago, the whole sky was covered by clouds, as usual. Then, I saw a parting of the clouds. Like a tear in fabric. But it got bigger. I realized then, it was the end of rain and cold and everything. It was a beginning to sunshine [again]

Yesterday, it was frigid. Like, not-normal frigid. I figured out it was the coldest day. For the next couple days, the average will be about 66 degrees F. Now, it’s about 60 degrees F . I hope for the best!

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