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The Unique Beach

September 21, 2015

I love beaches that have something that makes them special, or unique. I LOVE hammocks, and guess what? This beach had a hammock where I could lay there all day.

In contrast to the NJ shore, I can swim the in the warm, shallow, Carribbean ocean.

There was this boardwalk that lead to the ocean and on top of the ocean. there was a few steps down to this mini boardwalk (about 7-8 feet long, 3-4 feet wide) where you step on a small boat a.k.a. the water taxi. A water taxi is like a taxi, but on water. I guess it tranports you instead on on land.

On the mini boardwalk, there were multiple crabs! I almost never saw crabs on the NJ shore.

 Also, on the NJ shore, I couldn’t see the sunset. Just a reflection of the sun’s light on the clouds.

I would go and jump off the mini boardwalk and snorkel. The mini boardwalk isn’t at the end of the line of rocks. I would go underwater, and snorkel under the rocks. There were fish swimming in the holes of the rocks, and around the rocks. There was such a variety of fish! 🐚🐠

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