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The Versatile Blogger Award :) !

July 11, 2016


Hello Inquisitive bloggers! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first nomination for this award. I was nominated by Mybookylife. Thanks again for another nomination for an award 😄 .


~Thank your nominator

~Put the award on your blog

~Say 7 things about you

~Nominate about 7 bloggers

~The nominators have to have less than 300 followers (but I think around the range of 300 followers is ok ,too)

~Tell them via social media (or just WordPress)


Here are 7 facts about me!

➡️  My favorite yogurt is Chobani Flip Coffee Break Bliss (so good!)


➡️ I like emojis 😉 😊 🙃

➡️  I want to be an environmental scientist and a small business owner (like an eco-spa)


➡️  The tangerine is my favorite fruit to eat; the strawberry is my favorite to use in smoothies


➡️  Swimming, cycling, and tennis are my favorite sports


➡️  I have dirty-blonde, curly, medium-length hair 🙋🏽

➡️  I don’t really have a favorite color; but orange and lavender are close


Here are the nominees ~

  • Its me Saraa – I like your positive vibes on your blog! I additionally love your posts when you encourage your reader to do something amazing. I also love how we collaborate on Pinterest ,too 😀 .


  • The High Heeled Papergirl– I like the discussions you bring up on your blog. They are important and it’s cool to see it from someone else’s point of view, and it kind of keeps the reader engaged ,too. Keep writing 😀


  • Empower Love– Your blog name says it all! The poems you write are awesome, and I like reading them.


  • In an Irish Home– I love reading glimpse of your life in an Irish home. Your life is pretty interesting.


  • The Learnify– Your blog is very you: fun, awesome, and organized. I love how you spend at least 5 days a week devoting your time to write your blog, your posts are sometimes really funny (like the Depresso one!) ,and make me smile.

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