There’s paraMORE where that came from

July 8, 2018

I love Paramore puns lol.

Hey Inquisitive writers! So I wrote a poem about my favorite band Paramore. It’s basically an organized mess of their song lyrics and the messages that they put out in their music. I also went to the Paramore/Foster the people/Soccer mommy concert recently and wanted to share some videos of that! Enjoy ↓


When I caught myself,

I had to stop myself

before I dove back in

Because now I’m underwater

but I won’t let go of the balloon of



Self-deprecating jokes

to hide the fact that

I’m friends with the monster

inside of my head

We are just misguided ghosts

I tried to stop the whole world from

turning into a monster

but I’m retired for now

Fell down from my high pedestal

that they put me on

And in the free-fall I will realize I’m better off

when I hit the bottom

So then tell my friends I’m coming down,

we’ll kick it when I hit the ground


Just turn it off

Don’t wanna be here no more

I’ll just think of the future,

think of a new life

It’s the last hope

and I’ll hold onto it

tighter than ever before


**All cited lyrics are songs of Paramore unless stated otherwise**


Lines 1 & 2: I caught myself

Line 3: Pool (but the actual lyric is in the present tense)

Lines 9 & 10: Monster, Eminem ft. Rihanna

Line 11: Misguided Ghosts

Line 13: Monster

Lines 17 & 18: Turn it off

Lines 19 & 20: Hard times

Line 21: Turn if off

Line 22: Daydreaming

Line 24: Future


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Also the videos from the concert aren’t working but the urls for them are


The concert was so awesome by the way. The first to perform was the artist Soccer Mommy. It was her first time performing indoors, and she is a pretty new artist. I really enjoyed the songs and I recommend checking some of them out!

Foster the people was up next after Soccer Mommy. I was pretty excited to see them! I love their songs “Sit next to me” and “Pumped up kicks” They were amazing!

And then the ones hosting the concert came up after Foster the people. Paramore played a variety of their songs but mostly played songs from After Laughter. It was my first Paramore concert and my first music concert! I sang my heart out the whole time and lost my voice the other day (worth it) But all in all, I would recommend going to one of their concerts or any concert in general. The money you spend on them is for a great experience.



Have you heard of Paramore, Foster the people, or Soccer Mommy? What did you think of the poem? Have you been to a concert before? Who’s your favorite artist?

Tell me what's on your inquisitive mind