Tiny House Updates! 

December 13, 2016

Hey Inquisitive writers! You know how I posted about my tiny house before? Well, I changed it a lot since! Yes, if you don’t know, I love mini stuff. Mini pom-poms, mini erasers, mini chocolate bars, mini everything. And mini houses.


The front side

As you can see, I added a lot more plants and flowers on the soil pots. I added storage on top of the house, too.

The back side

I also made an extention on the end by taking down the balcony. The windows are now updated ,too! And, last but not least, I put two wheels on each side so it’s balanced.

A car pulling the tiny house. There are also reins for horses hanging from the exterior.

This is the kitchen area. There are red and pink cups on top of the mini fridge which is on top of the cabinet. An AC unit is above KC’s head (the red head) She is making eggs on top of the stove/oven.

I just love the pick loveseat. It accomodates two minifigs, and is just so cute! Next to it is the seating and a little table. There is also a door on the left that leads to a bathroom.

Inside the bathroom is an open shower, toilet, sink, and a roll of toilet paper. It leads to the unchanged bedroom.

Nothing special here. Just a bed, lamp, and a bulletin board. I really only changed the living room and kitchen. Although I might change the bedroom, though.

I have combined two of my favorite things, tiny houses and legos! More lego posts to come!

So, can YOU live in 500 sq ft or less? If yes, where would you live? Would it be mobile or immobile?

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  1. We currently are, my wife, my daughter half the time, a dog, and 2 cats. We’ve shrunk down from 1000 sq ft which is the size of our former house. We sold it and are currently crashing in my mom’s extra condo. TINY!

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