Tivat, Montenegro

October 3, 2016

Hey bloggers! I promised to keep writing about my travels, and I am! This is the third post out of my other travels. Click here to see my trip in Austria, and here to see my other trip in Serbia. 

Hello Montenegro!


So the airplane ride from Belgrade, Serbia was only 30 minutes long, so it wasn’t far at all. We went to visit more cousins and to visit the Adriatic Sea!

Montenegro has tons of mountains! When I went there, I kind of felt like I was in California.

First off, we went to the sea. It had crystal clear blue waters.

A pano view from the sidewalk.

The sea was literally five minutes away by car. You can go to bars and restaurants. And, if you want to walk more, downtown isn’t that far away. It’s about 10 minutes away. Plus you can get ice-cream.

Sit on me, I dare you.

The water of the Adriatic Sea are great for swimming and snorkeling. I swam there a couple of times myself, and it’s awesome. If you swim beyond the swimmer’s area (after the swimmer’s area is where the boats are) you may spot a platform where anyone can hope on, and you can dive into the shallow waters. We did, but I was unable to get a picture because I was afraid I was going to drop my iPhone in the huge sea.



So many yachts!

When night falls and you want to have a great time, going to downtown Tivat is the place to be. It’s really modern with white buildings and glass windows everywhere!

You can get on a boat here and tour the Adriatic Sea!
No, I’m pretty sure it’s not “for me”

The natives here also speak Serbian, so it won’t kill you to learn some! Check out my Serbian post to learn some pharses! 

We also went to an ice-cream place afterwards, and I ordered caramel. It was soo tasty.

Where we got our ice-cream!

Modern, right? You can even check out their website hereIMG_5096.jpg

The downtown area is a fair size, enough to see a lot of stuff. Most stores feature fashion, art, and real estate. But there are many more stores out there. IMG_5140.jpg

We went into a place with models of Tivat. I had to take some pictures! I love mini stuff.


Tip: The climate here is different than in the Caribbean. It has a different color of the sea, different smell, it gets cold over the night (maybe because of the mountains). But each area has their own beauty.


So realistic to the model though!


Mooi Fashion! You can check out their website here. 
An art museum! One of my cousins works here and sells the paintings.
This is the most expensive painting. It’s 50,000 euros!
This is another art gallery place. These were my favorite pieces.
This seating was donated by Luštica Bay. But you’re probably wondering why there are solar panels on the seating. They are used as an energy source…
…to charge your phone!
We visited a maskenball in Tivat, Montenegro. The performers were dressed up in costumes and masks! It occurs very often here.


What was really funny was when my relative (he was a gym teacher for 30 generations) saw his students all over Montenegro. Tivat is so tiny, there’s about only 15,000 people living there! We would see other family friends all around ,too! It was so funny.

Tivat, Montenegro was super fun and awesome. Smelling the salty air, hearing the calling birds, and feeling the wonderful atmosphere there. I hope you all liked my vacation posts! They were really fun to write and I could kind of experience my vacation again.


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