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Top 10 Best Travel Places

July 29, 2015

Booking a vacation? Here are the 10 best travel places:

10- Rome


It’s great if you want to walk

9 Bahamas Islands

It’s a vacation everywhere, even if you want to lie down on the beach all day


8- Bora Bora

Although it’s slowly being eroded away, it’s still a great vacation spot

Bora Bora

7- Galway, Ireland

Third largest city in the Republic of Ireland

Galway, Ireland

6- London, England

Yes, I will go to the telephone poll (English Accent)


5- New York City

Known as “The Big Apple”

 New York City

4- Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera Show is there

Sydeny Opera House

3- Paris, France

Very well-known for the Eifel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris

2- Belgrade, Serbia

The capital of Serbia, which is popular


1- Aruba

Best place for all-year summer vacation


Happy travels!

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