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August 16, 2015

Twitter Logo

Swish! You just tweeted to Tropicana on Twitter that you love their juice. Did I mention Twitter? Yes,Twitter. A microblogging form of social media that many people are on for many different reasons. Twitter is great for a lot of reasons:

– 140 character posts that help you get to the point

– Follow your favorite celebrities and companies to see what they’re up to

– If you have a WordPress blog, then you can connect with Twitter to increase your blog’s popularity

– Great for photography because there are many photography companies, such as Photography Lately (@photolately)

– Catch up on latest trends and news (for example hashtags)

– Create you own profile photo and custom backround to match your photo

– More friendly than Facebook or Instagram

– The sky blue color for the logo really enlightens you

– Now messages have unlimited characters per message

Twitter is an awesome way to express yourself in many tweets. You can share your favorite photos, follow your favorite brands, and so much more. Get Twitter today. It’s waiting for you. Tweet-tweet!

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