Violation of the Virus

August 31, 2015

I haven’t been blogging for the past couple days. I have a regular stomach virus. I need to be off the computer for a couple days ,too. I’m actually just watching TV. Tennis, actually. I love tennis. I’m in my PJs all day. Getting comfortable.

This is just an average stomach virus. I don’t like viruses or bacteria. Or really any type of sickness. But actually getting sick is a good thing for your body. For example if you have a fever, getting warm means your body is fighting the sickness. If you’re not sick, then your not warm or not vomitting. The good news is, since I’m having this virus now, I won’t have it again. If you have a type of virus one time, you won’t have the same one again.

Since yesterday, I have been drinking Pedialite and it really helps. I only drink about one liter a day. It’s for adults and children. Kids have actually approved the taste! Well, I hope I feel better in the next couple days. Wish me well!

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