What are you good at?

August 17, 2015

Yeah, what are you good at? Telling the best scary story? Sewing the best socks? Identifying computer viruses? I’ll tell you what I’m good at:

– Knowing my way around Pinterest

– Snapping great photos

– Sewing back in a hole in fabric

– Writing this blog (bragging rights)

– Solving difficult math problems

– Memorizing different lists (for example types of car brands or types of blogging websites)

– To paint abstract art

– To play flute (it’s really fun)

What are your strengths? If you find a new one (such as playing basketball), try to be better at it. Practice in a basketball court with somebody and play one-on-one so it’ll train you to watch out for the opposing team. If you are great at gardening, plant new flowers and watch them grow. Also see my other post on gardening for reasons why to garden. Whatever you’re good at, enjoy that you’re exceptional at it. What are you good at? Tell me in the comments below!

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