What if there was No Color?

What would happen if we lived in a world that had no color?



This is the question of the day. What if there was no color in this wonderful world?

There would be no interesting artpieces or illustrations. No one’s art would be as interesting. Paintings that were meant to display rainbows or a multitude of colors, won’t be captivating. Murals wouldn’t be fascinating.

We wouldn’t be as creative as we are with colors. We wouldn’t even bother wearing something colorful for events, or just for a jog. What makes us different individually is by what we wear, and color comes into play into a lot of that. We wouldn’t be ourselves, in a way.

Photographers wouldn’t have as amusing photos. Sure, there is some black & white photography, but most photographers include color in their photos. Photographers would have to find a new hobby, because their art wouldn’t be as appreciated.

Nature wouldn’t be a beautiful sight. We all know flowers and trees are known for their color, but nature wouldn’t matter for our sight anymore. Sunflowers wouldn’t express their bright yellow patch, apple trees wouldn’t show off their eye-catching red apple color.


There are many reasons why we are so fortunate to live in a world of different colors, cultures, people, clothing styles, attitudes, and so on. Color seems alive in our eyes, and it really brings out the little things. 🙂


  1. Same thing with black & white photography. Yes, their photos are amazing, but the point of the picture isn’t for the color.

    1. True. But I think the world would still be just as interesting, because usually, if we are lacking in one thing, other things make up for that. So something would probably make up for lack of color to make the world interesting.

      1. All true. 🙂 That’s a great observation though!

  2. There are people who do live in a world of black and white. It’s called achromatopsia. They are colorblind, and they happen to be amazing artists.

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