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What if we all looked the same?

December 2, 2015

Really, what if we did look the same? This is another question of the day.


We would see ourselves on the inside. If we judge people on the outside, then seeing yourself (other people), we would see on the inside.

Let’s face it: we’d be bored. Looking at “ourselves” all the time would be very boring.

Maybe we’d be irritated. If someone makes fun of you, it would be like looking in a mirror. But at the same time, that person probably wouldn’t do that because they’re making fun of themself.

We would possibly blend in.  Even though we would see eachother on the inside, over time we would act like eachother because we look like eachother. Just like when you dress exactly like your boss at work (awkward also) you’d probably feel more controlled by your boss.

If we fight to be different, we’d spill stains on our shirts or mess up our hair. If we really want to fight to be different, we’d start off with little things and work our way up. Although, it would be hard at the same time, considering that we all look the same.

We wouldn’t fight for beauty. We wouldn’t want to be beautiful, because there’s not much to compare for. Unless you REALLY want to be different.


I pretty much listed a lot of possible situations for this problem (or solution) depending on the group that decides to stay the same, or fight to be different. There are probably more reasons on why we should fight to be different and should be individuals, and being independent. I would fight to be different. Would you?

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