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What to do next?

March 19, 2016


She stood there, by the window, in a depressed mood.

The clouds started to surround the sky, but she felt like they were surrounding her.

The clouds looked like thunderstorm clouds

The thunder rumbled, as if the sky was hungry

Hungry for trouble


She already knew it was going to rain; but it didn’t



She thought about her day, and what she was going to do tomorrow

She also wondered when the sky will clear up

Man, I wish there would be sunshine outside she thought

Ok, so I have to water my plants, make my bed- 




“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” the girl screamed in horror

The rain started knocking on her window, urging her to answer

SLAM! She closed the window in alarm

The rain was now hitting her window at this point, trying to get in

She closed the blinds, moved the curtain, and crouched into a ball under her bed


Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours,

And crawling under the bed felt like an elephant was crushing you


Lightning strikes filled the room with an intense glare

For about 2 seconds per time


The torture stopped, and everything fell silent.

She didn’t know what to do next


Hey guys! I decided to write this overly-dramatic scene of me during a shocking (hehe, get it?) thunderstorm. This actually happened a couple days ago. I wrote this short story because I felt so much fear and felt so shocked that I just HAD to write it. So, are YOU scared of thunderstorms or other natural disasters?


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