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Where did we come from?

December 16, 2015

Do you want to know where you came from? Well, you came to the right place.


There are two theories: The “Out of Africa” theory and the “Multi-Regional” theory. Let me explain:

We evolved from early humans, but where did we exactly come from? This is where the theories come from. The “Out of Africa” states that humans came from Africa and migrated to other parts of the world. The “Multi-Regional” theory states that humans migrated in different parts of the world, and migrated all of the regions. I believe the “Out of Africa” theory, because there is more evidence behind it. Although I would love to debate more about it, that’s not we’re talking about right now.

The last Ice Age. That’s right, Earth had four long Ice Ages. The last one came up when modern humans started to appear.


We had but little choice but to follow the big animals that adapted to the freezing cold. As we followed them, we started to migrate. This means that we can only make makeshift shelters and keep track of the animal’s path. We formed bigger clans. Why? To take down the animal and use our advanced stone tools to slather it and eat it for dinner. We would also split it among ourselves, who deserved it. But wait, where did the stone tools come from? And how could we hunt if the days were so short?


The invention of fire just came from rubbing two stone together harshly to create a spark. Fire was used for so many things, cooking the food, seeing at night, warmth, and using the flames to scare off animals. Now, man did not have to rely on the sun’s light and warmth for hunting and gathering. But, really think about it. If it wasn’t for that one moment, one second you maybe didn’t have that lamp next to you. Maybe it would be a torch, but then again, maybe someone else could’ve invented it sooner.

The men usually did the hunting, and the women cared for the children (or something else, I don’t remember completely) but the women noticed that the seeds that stood on ground would become plants next year. They probably took the seeds, and planted them into the ground. Volia!


Many people , ahem early humans, tried farming. Most of them switched to farming rather than hunting and gathering. But there were some costs and benefits to farm. One, you have a permanent home, so it is easier to transmit diseases. Two, if you are so dependent on the plants to eat, what if there’s a drought? Or the weather changes? What then? Three, farming holds a lot of risks for disease, especially from farm animals. But, there are also some benefits. One, you live in the same place all the time, so you don’t really have to move anywhere. Two, you can plant many things and have them all grow at the same time. Three, you can plant a variety of plants, so you get a healthier diet that just eating the same old bunny every time.

I will continue this question for the next post, and explain what happens over the couple thousand years of human history. It’s pretty sweet to know where you came from.

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  1. Hello Joe: There are real answers to these questions about human origins. The discipline of biological anthropology is quite robust, and the history of human development is well understood.

    I suggest you find a good basic anthropology textbook, and use it as a beginning to learn about the biological and cultural history of human beings. It;s a fascinating story that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

  2. I like where you’re going, but I think we should try to dig deeper. This explains 1 maybe 200,000 years. We can’t expect all the answers to come from our time.

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