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Things That Will Make Me Click “Unfollow” on Your Blog

June 13, 2017

Hey Inquisitive writers! So, have you ever stopped to look at your blog, and see if you’re doing anything that could use even a little bit of improvement? Or if you’re wondering why people aren’t reading your blog as much? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Things That Will Make Readers Click

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*These are all MY opinions, you don’t have to necessarily follow them, I’m just suggesting them.*

But why would you check out this post? Why don’t you just search up on Pinterest what you can do to improve your blog? Well, I have been blogging for almost 2 years now (the blog anniversary is coming up soon) and I’ve done all of these things, and then people wouldn’t check out my blog, and I want to share that with you, the reader who may or may not be a blogger, so you don’t make these mistakes.


#1 Not posting often/not posting quality content

Ok, this is a major factor in why people may be unfollowing your blog. Make sure to establish a blogging schedule, so people know when to check out your blog. But also, don’t post more than once a day if you’re hoping to achieve more followers/readers. You’ll stress yourself out with posting more than once every day, and there’s a high chance that you won’t be producing quality content, which is also why people check out your blog. Only blog when you are inspired, because if you blog all the time that makes a boring blog. I even say that in my bio on the right! So what I’m saying is try to establish a blogging schedule, while posting quality content at the same time. I try to post once or twice per two weeks.

 *Also be sure to check out my Newbie Blogging Tips Page! They’re not just for newbies, I use them every day!*

#2 Not replying to my comments/ignoring me

Whenever I check out someone else’s blog, and I like it, I usually leave nice comments on a couple of the posts. I would expect a reply to those comments, like “Thank you!” or something like that. If you completely ignore my comment, I would be kind of pissed off. I just took that time to check out your blog, read your posts, comment, like the post, etc. I rarely follow blogs when the person does this, and does not that many readers or followers. And if I take the time to check out your blog whenever you post, and you don’t check out my blog, over time I’ll be a little pissed that you didn’t take the time to read even one of my posts. Siyana also talks about this in this post. Fun fact: This was one of the first posts I checked out on her blog and it was why I followed it. Ironic, right?


#3 Your content doesn’t apply to me

Why would I keep following your blog if I don’t read it anymore? I follow a variety of blogs (cooking blogs, diy blogs, photography blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, book blogs, everything blogs, etc.) but that doesn’t mean I’ll follow other blogs if I’m not interested in them.


#4 I can’t navigate your blog easily

Look, I’m really lazy. Like, really lazy. I want to check out someone’s posts, read it, and maybe check out some more on your blog because maybe I didn’t have time to read it. But now I can’t even find the “posts” or “home” button because your theme for your blog is confusing and I can’t even read your blog. This doesn’t happen often to me when I read other blogs, because I use the reader, but I sometimes go to the actual website for your blog, especially if you are self-hosted (which basically means you have more control over your blog, vs. and other providers that host your blog) And then even if I want to unfollow your blog, I can’t find the “unfollow” button, which annoys me even more.

#5 Too many awards or sponsored posts

I followed your blog to read your content. If your blog is getting clogged with award posts or sponsored posts, I’m going to get kind of bored. This is why I recently switched to an award-free/tag-free blog. Yes, it’s fine if you do an award post or sponsored post sometimes, but not too much because your audience won’t be interested anymore. 

So, do you have any tips to help other bloggers out there? How do you blog?

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Things That Will Make Readers Click

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  1. I agree one hundred percent. I have come to realize, well, over time, that the # of followers is no indicator whatsoever of one’s true followers. Of my 300+ or is it 200+, I essentially hear from about thirty or forty. I also realize that one should post consistently but the real connections are made with the comment function. Like you, it occurred to me that some bloggers simply never, as in two years, not once did they comment on my posts. I commented on theirs and that’s was it. So yeah, “Unfollow!”

    Very good advice, thanks for sharing!

    1. You are right; For example you have 100 followers but only about 20-30 engage – it’s a little odd to me. When I follow I blog, that means I really like it, and I will like and comment on it in the future. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I haven’t been great at scheduling regularly – life just took over and the blog had to take a back seat. I do try to support and comment on other people’s blogs. Like you, if people make no effort to respond to my comment, I tend to stop bothering. I find it difficult when people post loads, I just can’t keep up with it all. Thought provoking post – thanks

    1. I see, I see. I also try to comment on other blogs so there’s more of a chance that they’ll check out my blog, and also because I like the post. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. These reasons make sense, if I were to do these things on my blog to my readers. Because if your blog was horrible and wasn’t easy to navigate, you ignored people, and everything you stated; the blog would be pretty boring for everyone else.

  4. I really like this post, before starting my blog I followed soo many blogs and I hardly read any, they were just cluttering up my reader so consequently I wasn’t seeing the posts that I did want to read! I’m going to check out your Newbie Blogging Tips now and see where I can improve. I love your blog design. So glad I stopped by!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I understand; I would follow almost 80 blogs and I would scroll right past them and read the things I WANTED to read. After typing this post, I decided to unfollow around 10 or 15 blogs. I’m glad that you were glad to stop by!

  5. I just wandered over from the community pool, and glad I did. These tips are so true, particularly your point about the ease of navigation in a blog. I’d also say that posts without any images and too much block text are difficult to enjoy on a regular basis.
    It’s great to meet a fellow wordpress reader! Looking forward to following!

  6. i agree with all of this, especially the whole “replying to comments” thing! a huge part of blogging is the community, so when a blogger doesn’t respond to comments, i’m not as likely to return to their blog, you know?

  7. Great post with helpful hints. I love getting constructive criticism on my blog. None of us know everything, and getting a fresh perspective is always helpful. I’m always tweaking and changing–and there’s always room for improvement. And those awards! 🙁 I’m always trying to come up with polite ways of saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Take care. Dawn

    1. Thank you! True – no one knows everything, so getting new advice is always good. I always say,”Thank you so much! I appreciate it. But, I recently switched to an award-free blog, so can I decline?”

  8. Too many awards is also a thing I really don’t like about a blog. When you do an award once in 2 months or so, I don’t mind. But an award every single week, that’s a bit too much. Uh, I also hate it when people ‘reblog’ their posts or something. I don’t know exactly what they do but I always like every blogpost, and sometimes I see an already liked – blogpost in my new notifications and that is to me so annoying, haha! I actually really liked this post, I could relate so much! xo

    1. Thank you! I agree; too much of anything isn’t good. I’m not sure how they do it – I’ve seen that before in my reader. When they do it the first time, I like the post. Then I see it again in the reader, and I already liked it, as you said.

  9. Great reasons you mentioned and I agree with all of them. For me is mostly the design and navigation as you say. If my eye doesn’t find it attractive and makes it hard for me to find blogposts, I unfollow immediately or don’t even bother to follow in the first place.

  10. Agreed! I’ve also just stared getting more involved in the blog community, and the only blogs I’ve unfolded are the ones that post several
    Times a day for the sake of posting but it’s unauthentic.

  11. I’m still pretty new (counting down two months) and always enjoy stumbling upon advice posts from more seasoned bloggers.

    I’ve been trying to post regularly when I have a topic that’s been on my thoughts or something that’s important to me, but I need to get better with routine and a schedule. I posted twice yesterday as I came back from 3 days without internet and seeing as how I’m still starting out wanted to post an update just to maintain activity as I’m still trying to establish reader/writer relationships, then later still had energy and difficulty sleeping so posted something I had been thinking on that I was inspired to write. But then I posted again today as I came home ill from work and had nothing better to do from my fetal position on the sofa. I do not want to commit to posting every day, though I would like to amass enough content that were anyone to stop on by my page, they have a variety of other content to peruse through should they wish. I feel that being so new if I were to reduce my posting to once a week right now I wouldn’t have enough for a reader to be able to make a connection with me.

    I admit to being inconsistent with keeping up with others blogs, but reserve chunks of my time to go through my wp reader and to try to give people’s pages the same attention I receive, but it seems to be something that can quickly take up all of your time if you let it. I’m not really clear on proper blogger decorum when it comes to following/unfollowing, how often interactivity is ‘expected’…. thought I would have picked up better on these things by now, but there is so so much conflicting advice out there!! Ugh. My gosh, I’m on a roll here! Thanks for this post – I’m now off to check out your newbie blogging link 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! I first suggest starting to blog when you have lots of time (I started mine over the summer), so you have time to write posts. And when I started, I honestly had no idea what I was doing lol. I posted once a week, than once a day, etc. I didn’t start getting likes and comments about after a month or two. It’s good that you are aware that you want to post a variety of posts for your readers, and being consistent. But ask yourself “Why am I blogging? What am I trying to do? Inform, entertain, persuade, etc?” Try to establish a blogging schedule that’s good for you first, (maybe once a week or once per two weeks) while posting quality content then followers and readers will follow. And if you can’t at first, that’s fine too! Everyone is different, and I bet you’ll find a schedule that’s good for you.

      1. Thank you so much 🙂 I spent a bit of time reading through your blog yesterday and was really enjoying it. It’s great to get some friendly and practical advice from those whose work you enjoy and have some experience under their belts. Haha, I’m never quite sure about the ‘quality’ part, as I realize it moves on a sliding scale for many of us, but hope that someone, somewhere other than myself finds my posts enjoyable or of some use 🙂 Thank you for the thoughtful reply!

        1. Quality content is basically you taking time to post, and not just posting for the sake of it, and if you are inspired to post. And no problem!

  12. Great tips! 🙂 I agree; I often find myself unfollowing bloggers that post more than once per day, and whose blogs are so cluttered I can’t find what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing!

  13. I definitely agree with everything here! Sometimes, i just go through all the blogs I follow and unfollow a bunch of them that have posts I’m no longer interested in, are not active or because of any of this reason!

  14. These are all great points and I’m always conscious or worrying, whether I am doing these kinds of things. A simple thank you goes along way and it’s amazing that people can’t find the time to respond back with that. 🙂

  15. Great post, Jo. I hope lots of bloggers read and heed this advice.

    In addition to what all you’ve written here, I also have some “language” issues. If I see many four-letter words, good-bye. To me they tend to indicate immaturity and a lack of better English skills. It’s like someone’s shouting at you to get your attention. “Listen here. See how bad I can talk!”

    I realize that would attract some bloggers, but not me. And that’s okay. All of us have our spheres and our peers. As you say in your third point.

    As to your fourth point, Yea & Amen! When a blog is so cluttered I can hardly find the real post, I won’t be following it. And I do a steady refrain of the advice: “Install a Recent Posts widget up front somewhere. Set it for 8-10 titles. Don’t make your readers scroll,and scroll, and scroll down the Home Page to find your posts.” (Depending on the theme. Some have bubbles on the Home page.)

  16. Aw thank you for that post! My post got almost forgotten, so it’s nice for someone to bring it back to life 😀 After reading your first point I remembered that I haven’t heard from so many bloggers! I went to check them and ended up unfollowing more than 30 people who were not active for the past month. Can you imagine! 😀

    1. No problem! And thank you for your comment! And I do this time to time, when I notice that bloggers didn’t post for the past months and when I don’t know why they left.

    1. Well I used to do awards, but I found that my blog was getting clogged with them, and I couldn’t keep up with them. Sure, it’s a nice way to show appreciation to fellow bloggers, but I decided I wanted to focus more on my content. Thanks you stopping by!

      1. Haha I know right…most awards contain the world’s most boring questions!!
        This post was pretty accurate and yes.. I’ve unfollowed many due to these reasons! 👌😏

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