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July 12, 2015


 A great place to “pin” you ideas 📌. It’s a popular social media app. Many people are on it. Why? Pinterest can be a place to pin your ideas and creations, or to find new recipes. Although, there can be catches to find. Is Pinterest for you? Or do you like Facebook or Twitter better? Here are some Pinterest facts:

– Percentage of Pinterest users that are female: 85%

– Percentage of all U.S. Social Media users that use Pinterest 13%

– Percentage of online 💻 U.S. adults that use Pinterest: 28%

– Percentage of Pinterest users that are outside of the US 🌍🌏 40%

– Average time spent on Pinterest per visit: 14.2 minutes🕓

From my perspective, Pinterest is a great app for finding great DIYs, recipes, and more! I have Pinterest and post pictures of clouds☁️, art, my drawings📒and other “Pinterest-like” things. Your pins and can be pinned to other peoples’ boards. Your pin can be commented or liked ,too. You can also make your account public or private. Although, Pinterest can be sometimes addicting to new users. Also when choose to sign up for Pinterest, be prepared for continuous emails ✉️.  Pinterest send emails such as to confirm your email or “10 things to make you laugh” emails. Pinterest can be really fun, as long as you use it in the right way. Happy Pinning 😃!

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