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Which WordPress Plan is for You?

November 14, 2016

Hey Inquisitive Writers! Today I will be comparing and contrasting different WordPress plans (as in the free plan, premium plan, etc.) This will help you, the reader, figure out if you plan suits or doesn’t suit you, and what plan to upgrade to if needed.


Free Plan

I actually had this plan for as long as my blogging career. I am fine with it now, because it has everything I need.


  • Obviously, it’s free
  • A lot of free themes
  • 3 GB storage space for media (such as photos, videos, gifs, or more to put on your posts and pages)
  • Jetpack Essential features (these are basic features such as site stats, spam protection, and SEO, search engine optimization, which mean you can make changes to your site for search engines to better recognize your content, or you can make your site private if you’d like)


  • Your site address has a “” at the end, making it longer
  • There is no live chat support
  • There is limited storage for media
  • Basic Design Customization is offered, which only has restricted color schemes and designs for your site’s look
  • WordAds, which are ads that may appear on your site

Overall, the free plan is mostly used by newbie bloggers, some pro bloggers, and bloggers who don’t have enough time to blog or don’t blog as much. 


Personal Plan

This plan is best used by most pro bloggers and other bloggers who’s regular hobby is blogging.


  • Your site address has no “” (Ex:
  • Free live chat support
  • Many free themes
  • Get rid of WordAds
  • Jetpack Essential features
  • 3 GB media storage


  • It is about $3 per month ($2.99) and you are billed yearly
  • There is limited media storage
  • Only Basic Design Customization

For the most part, this plan offers a lot for a small price. Even I am thinking about it. 

Premium Plan

This plan can be used by bloggers who have a lot of followers and readers, bloggers who blog for a living, and some small business owners.


  • Your site has no “” (Ex.
  • Jetpack Essential Features
  • Free live chat support
  • Many free themes
  • 13 GB storage space (this is almost 4 times as much storage space as the Free and Personal Plans!)
  • Advanced Design Customization (this means more color schemes and designs are included)
  • No WordAds
  • You can put ads on your site through WordAds and get paid
  • Videopress and Videopress Support 


  • It is about $8 per month ($8.25) and there are yearly bills
  • There is limited storage space

All in all, there are many benefits from going Premium, but I honestly think the price is too high. I think it should be like $6 or $7. 

Business Plan

This plan is used by small businesses.


  • Custom domain name (Ex:
  • Live chat support
  • UNLIMITED storage
  • Jetpack Essential features
  • UNLIMITED premium themes (you can get any theme you want)
  • Advanced design customization
  • No Wordads
  • Put your own ads on your website using Wordads and get paid
  • Advanced SEO (this is part of the Jetpack essential features, but you have more control over your SEO)
  • Videopress and Videopress support
  • Attend live courses (this means you can talk to a engineer to discuss your site)
  • Remove the footer heading (if you scroll down to your site right now, on the bottom it probably says “Blog at”. This theme removes that so it looks more professional and to keep the focus on your site)
  • Google Analytics Integration (Google Analytics works with your site for you to get a better understanding of your statistics)


  • It costs $24.92 (basically $25) monthly, and you are billed annually
  • This is really for small business, so it doesn’t make sense for a blogger to have this theme

In summary, this theme comes with many advantages, and seems to be great for small businesses. But, as I said with the Premium Plan, the price is a little high. It is really just a website. 

I hope this helped you decide on a WordPress theme and if anything was cleared up for you. Happy blogging 💻 !

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  1. I had just the free plan for years but I paid for extra features on different blog themes about $40.00 Canadian. This year I’ve just switched to the personal plan but I’m considering the business because of the SEO. Having those global search terms I think is pretty crucial, so I’m thinking about it.

  2. A lot of great info, I’m relatively new only with a couple months of blogging experience and saw your comment on Community Pool. I was thinking about the premium plan because of video support. But realized that embedding videos from YouTube can be done with the free plan, was a little confused. So sticking to the free one is pretty awesome that it allows me to do this. Great blog!

  3. I think the premium plan is expensive as well; so I’m considering the personal plan. Although the thing with the word ads is making me consider the premium plan. It’s stressful!

  4. Honestly, I think the free plan is just fine. All the websites that have a “monthly” payment is just annoying to deal with. Also, the free plan isn’t missing out on much. Sure, the live chat is pretty cool, but we should be lucky that there is a free plan at all. 🙂

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