You Need a Vacation

July 17, 2015

      Yes, it’s that time of year folks. You need a vacation. You deserve a break! You have been sitting on your butt all day and the only time you have it reading this piece. What? It costs too much money 💵? Then go to a near place like the Caribbean Islands. It only costs around $2,000. You and I both know you don’t want to sit around all day. Studies have actually shown if women (only women) who sit all day (like more than 6 hours) in a chair it increases their risk of disease. In my opinion, it’s not normal to not go on a vacation. Give yourself a break! Relax! Vacation with your honey, family, or by yourself.  Here are some traveling websites:

1- Expedia

2- Trip Advisor (I just love the little owl logo 🐦)

3- Trivago


5- Hotwire

6- Priceline (excellent commercials with Penny from The Big Bang Theory!)
I reccomend Expedia because they have better deals. I thought that Trip Advisor would be good because it’s in the name, Trip Advisor. But, Expedia have better prices.
You can vacation anywhere. Beaches, ships, camping spots, and more!

Happy Travels ✈️!

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